II Gathering of the Podlasie Branch

July 6, 2003


In the Fall of 2002, at the time of previous travels around the Family neighbourhoods, cousin Basia Miszta (0156) proposed organizing in Trzebieszow in early summer od 2003 - a II Gathering of the Podlasie Branch of the Wajszczuk Family. During that trip, we tried to investigate the level of interest in such a meeting - it appeared to be rather high! The decision was made and Basia assumed the responsibility of securing a meeting hall, snack buffet, contacting the local authorities, Parish priests and notifying the relatives locally. Pawel Stefaniuk (the webmaster) and I (WJW), undertook the task of compiling a list of persons to be notified (based on a still incomplete computerized list of addresses of the Family members), preparing and distributing the announcements (see a copy), preparing presentations regarding the collection and organization of material, structure and principles of construction of the Internet webpage of the Wajszczuk Family Tree and securing the appropriate projection equipment.

A total of 52 announcements were sent out by mail, primarily to the members of the Podlasie branch of the Family, but also to some members of the Zamosc branch, who live in the area and were expected to attend. (Currently we are also investigating the feasibility of organizing similar gathering of the Zamosc branch some time in the early Fall of this year). We received by return mail 27 confirmations declaring the attendance of 63 persons. Detailed and complete record of attendance, with participants' addresses, was prepared in a special book by a cousin, Waldemar Wajszczuk (0007) from the nearby Kakolewnica Wschodnia - aided by his two sons. They moved from person to person and from table to table and the boys kept watch for the "late-comers" - they did not miss anybody. We were pleased to find out that a total of 113 persons attended! The collected information will serve to augment our computer address base - we are very grateful to Waldemar and his sons, Michal and Sebastian!

We also received two responses by letter, from Argentina and from Lodz, which are shown separately (see).

Pawel Stefaniuk
at the projection equipment

Waldemar Wajszczuk (0007)
and his two sons with the
attendance book

The meeting followed the previously announced schedule:
1/ 11:30AM - a special Mass in the local Church
2/ 12:30PM - beginning of the gathering in the local Meeting Hall (Dom Kultury) with presentations
3/ followed by a period of informal socializing and snacks.

The Mass was celebrated by the Rev. Wieslaw Nestoruk, Vicar of the local Parish. During the Mass, he held prayers for all Wajszczuks, presently alive as well as known and unknown departed ancestors and for all members of the related Families. During a very moving homily, he stressed the need to learn, preserve and cherish the "family roots" - for a more happy, rewarding and fulfilled life in a contemporary world. He also called attention to the contributions and services rendered to Poland by the Wajszczuk Family over the centuries - starting with the known participants of Insurrections during the partitioning od Poland since the end of the XVIII century, to the fighters in the Underground, Polish Armed Forces in the West and the heroes of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising - as well as to other members famous in Poland and in the World. After the Mass, the participants proceeded (in a light rain) to the nearby "Dom Kultury". Here, Basia presented current status of the search in old local records and Parish Books and her plans for continuation of this search in the future. Waldemar explained briefly the principle of design and construction of the Tree, the resources and collected material, and how to navigate the Tree and find the desired information. He also stressed the gaps and missing links of several branches to the main trunk of the Tree. Pawel Stefaniuk (our webmaster) presented briefly the computer work associated with building the Tree (lack of adequate specialized programs requires continuous inventiveness, improvisation and creativity). He also presented interesting statistics, which demonstrated interest in our work and revealed visitors from several countries and many parts of the world, and selected entries in the Guest Book with examples of correspondence with inquiries asking for technical advice, as well as questions regarding genealogy.

Webpage visits in 2000 - 2003

Home countries of the visitors

Home towns in Poland
of the visitors

During the whole duration of the meeting, we had a chance to observe lively interactions and conversations among the participants. It appears that the gathering fulfilled its role in maintaining or renewing the contacts among the members of the Family and gave a good opportunity and an excuse for many for a visit back home. An outside buffet (with improved sunny weather) provided snacks and beverages for adults and sweets and ice cream for the children. There were many of them - the Wajszczuks can be proud! After nearly four hours, the attendants started to leave to continue with private visits and meetings. It appears that everybody was pleased with the outcome of the meeting, but those pleased the most were - the organizers!!! Until the next one!

Greetings and many thanks to all participants and to the organizers!


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