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Carmen i Waldemar

Paweł Stefaniuk

Down the Wajszczuk Family trail

While this year in Poland, we decided to visit some of the places known to have been inhabited by the family members in the past as well as at present, to get to the known "Family Nests" (the Podlasie region and Zamosc area) and to visit with some relatives (whom we have not seen for a very long time), as well as to meet some close and a few more distant relatives (whom we recently "met" via the Internet). Your "reporters" during this trip were Carmen and Waldemar (from West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA). We were lucky to have with us our friend - the Webmaster of this page - Pawel Stefaniuk (from Drelów, Poland), who was the "official photographer" and an excellent guide and companion. Enclosed are a few pictures of the Family members and settlements as well as a few from other interesting places, which we passed on the way. Time permitting, we may add some more descriptive text (or answer directly questions, if any?). During our trip, on July 29, 2000 we were fortunate to participate in an unofficial (and organized on a short notice) gathering of the members of the Podlasie Family branch (with a few representatives of the Zamosc branch). The page under this date contains several pictures - we are planning to prepare a separate page from this meeting with pictures of the participants and indicating their identity (this will take probably a few weeks and we will let you know).