"Travels around Podlasie"
Łuków, Krzymoszyce, Kąkolewnica, Misie, Pościsze, Piszczac, Sławatycze, Biała Podlaska
meeting relatives during travels around the Podlasie province in June 2002.

June, 25 - 26, 2002


During the preceding year, as a result of searches in the Internet, telephone books and in other ways, we were able to collect a number of previously "unidentified" Wajszczuks - some of them with e-mail addresses, some with postal addresses and some with telephone numbers. We did not know to which Family branch did they belong. We decided to contact them by mail and then by telephone. Print-outs of the selected branches of the Family Tree were enclosed with the correspondence, to familiarize the recipients with the design of the Tree, along with a specially developed questionaire form. The response was very satisfying and during the subsequent telephone conversations, they were asked about their interest in meeting us in person. Based on that information, the dates for this trip and an itinerary were planned. It turned out that all of our contacts were living in the Podlasie region (see the map).

On Tuesday, June 25, we were able to visit some of the Wajszczuks in Lukow, Krzymoszyce and Kakolewnica and on Wednesday, June 26 - in Misie, Poscisze, Piszczac, Slawatycze and Biala Podlaska. The touring party included: Barbara Miszta - a cousin from Trzebieszow, nee Wajszczuk (as a local guide, also "co-developer of the Tree" and a "public relations" specialist - it turned out that Barbara knew at some time some of the persons we met or heard about them, or knew with whom and how they were related!), Pawel Stefaniuk (co-local guide, webmaster of our Tree and also a photographer and chronicler of our trips and family events) and I, Waldemar as a driver.

We were able to gather a great amount of information, which helped to further develop some of the previosly known branches, such as the one originating from Trzebieszow III (about which we knew very little previously) - they live now in Misie. Or build a new branch of the Family Tree with roots near the town of Lukow. The oldest currently identified members of this branch lived around the middle of the XIXth century in Domaszewnica (near Lukow). How did they get there? We are still not sure, how this branch connects to the main Podlasie stem? At present its members live in Lukow, Piszczac, Slawatycze, Biala Podlaska and Janow Podlaski. The ancestors of the Wajszczuks, who currently live in Krzymoszyce and Poscisze, lived already around the middle of the XIXth century in Zawadki (near the town of Miedzyrzec Podlaski), but before that time? We also obtained a lot of new materials, to be able to further develop the Family branch, whose ancestors were traced back to Zakowola Radzynska, where they also already lived in the middle of the XIXth century.

Photographs of some of the persons we met are included (with their permission), along with brief comments, in the Gallery below.




Tuesday, June 25, 2002


We met there Zygmunt Wajszczuk [642] and his family. Preparations for this meeting were helped by recent contacts in the USA and information obtained from Ewa Kurtycz [678] (daughter of Zygmunt), who has lived in the Detroit area (near my [WJW] place of residence) for a number of years - we never met before! We obtained from Zygmunt a lot of information about the Family branch which now lives in and near Lukow. Their ancestors (Jan [683] born in 1865) lived around the middle of the XIX century in Domaszewnica. What Family branch do they belong to? We met the family in their place of residence and Krystyna (Zygmunt's wife) at work.

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From left: Mariusz Lipinski [677], Zygmunt Wajszczuk [642], Grazyna Lipinska [674]

Krystyna Wajszczuk [642] 
and daughter Grażyna [674]



We met there Kazimierz [661] and his family. His great-grandfather Jan [655] was born (around the middle of the XIXth century) and lived in Zawadki, his grandfather Andrzej [656] was also born in Zawadki but moved to Krzymoszyce. From where did they come to Zawadki? To what branch do they belong?

Family in Krzymoszyce, from left: Michał [666], Damian [759], Katarzyna [663], Józefa [738], Daniel [665], Kazimierz [661], Renata [662], Patrycja [758], Jan [662], Mieczysława [661]

Kazimierz Wajszczuk [661]

Józefa [738] and Damian [759]



This was already a second meeting with Waldemar [007] and his family. When we met last summer, he promised to collect more information about his branch of the Family - he startled and surprised us with the amount of new information! He fulfilled his task beyond all expectations. Waldemar is planning to run in the near future in elections for a position of Mayor of his community (many such precedents in the Family) - in our opinion, he highly deserves to be elected because of his initiative, hard work and dependability!!! This time we were fortunate to also meet his youngest daughter Dominika (who was taking a nap when we were visiting last year) - what a charmer! Their ancestors come from Zakowola Radzynska, they lived there around the middle of the XIX century - and before?

Waldemar [007] with daughter Dominika [541]

Ewa [007] with daughter Dominika [541]

Waldemar [007] and Waldemar [087] working on Family papers


Wednesday, June 26, 2002


Here we met with Jan Jozef Wajszczuk [727] and his family. We learned that this line originates from Trzebieszow III. The oldest ancestor, whom we were sofar able to track back, was Adam [027] who was born in 1846 - we are still not sure about Adam's ancestors. The family lived in Trzebieszow III until Jan Jozef moved to Misie. Here we also learned about Czesław Wajszczuk [669] [669] who lives with his family in the nearby Poscisze.

Family in Misie. from left: Emil [730], Jadwiga [728], Monika [729], Marianna [727], Jan Józef [727]

Farm building complex in Misie



Driving along the picturesque country roads, through forests in which young and old gathered berries, we arrived at Poscisze. Unfortunatelly nobody was home - probably farming in the nearby fields. But, fortunately, we have previously obtained some information about Czeslaw Wajszczuk [669] and his family by mail and during the preceding visit with Jan in Misie. Czeslaw was born in Krzymoszyce and we were able to trace his line back to Zawadki.

Welcome to Pościsze

Czesław's [669] family house



We arrived at Piszczac in the early afternoon. Ryszard Wajszczuk [652] was still at work, but his wife Marzanna proved herself to be well informed and an excellent source of information (while at the same time keeping busy with a very active baby-son Marek). We acquired previously her address and telephone number, as well as the e-mail address of their son Marcin, but were not able to fit them onto the Tree. Ryszard belongs to the branch originating from Domaszewnica. After a brief picture-taking session, we decided to continue to Slawatycze and then to return to Piszczac on our way back, to meet Czeslaw and to get his picture - and so we did.

The Wajszczuks in Piszczac: Marzanna [652], little Marek [707], Ryszard [652]

Marcin [706] and Waldemar [087]

Farewell to Piszczac (our car in the distance along the right side of the road).



Henryk Wajszczuk [644] from the Domaszewnica-Lukow branch arrived here from Piszczac. We were recently able to establish a contact with him by mail, as well as to have an exchange of Internet mail with his daughter Joanna Darecka [645], who lives with her husband and studies in London, England. Henryk and his wife Michalina received us very warmly and provided missing details for the Family Tree. They requested to have the pictures sent by Internet to their daughter. On the way back we were able to see the impressive structures of a Catholic and Orthodox churches, standing on the opposite sides of the main street in Piszczac. This area has a long tradition of mixing and mostly peaceful coexistence of different nationalities, cultures and religions.


Michalina and Henryk Wajszczuk [644]

We were able to admire a beautiful flower and plant garden next to their house, typical for this region along the Bug river.


Biała Podlaska

The last Wajszczuk whom we met on this tour, was Tadeusz [636] in Biala Podlaska. We were previously in touch with him by mail and by telephone. We were lucky to catch him and his wife Alicja literally in the gate, on their way out to visit some friends - since we were considerably delayed at the end of a long travelling and visiting day. We were all very happy to have an opportunity to meet. We verified the previously gathered information and after a short chat and picture-taking session, we let the gracious hosts to continue on their way. Tadeusz also belongs to the line originating from Domaszewnica and Lukow.

Alicja and Tadeusz [636]
(children were gone somewhere)

The next and last visit was to "non-Wajszczuks", but who also at one time were associated with the Family. We met with Mr. and Mrs. Kratiuk, where we were previously invited (during the recent religious ceremony in Kostomloty - http://www.kostomloty-parafia and obligated to come and see them while in Biala Podlaska. Maria Kratiuk nee Patkowska is a daughter of Antoni Patkowski, who was for many years an organist in a Church and Parish of my uncle Fr. Karol Wajszczuk [074] in Drelow (http://www.drelow.siedlce., and who shared with him for many years his fortunes and misfortunes. Mr. Antoni Patkowski was arrested by the Germans shortly after imprisonment of Fr. Karol in 1940, and eventually was murdered in Oswiecim (Auschwitz). Maria was and is untiring in collecting information concerning the circumstances of death and details and stories from the lives of her father and of Fr. Karol. We heard of each other in the past, but did not have an opportunity to meet until the recent encounter in Kostomloty. The evening at the Kratiuks passed fast at the abundantly "old-Polish style" food-covered table while reminiscing and listening to the stories from the lives of persons dear to us.

Maria Kratiuk nee Patkowska and Waldemar

And thus two days passed very fast. Tired, but with the satisfying feeling of well spent time and gratifying sense of accomplishment - there will be enough material to work on for several weeks, (or until the next trip?) - we moved slowly and carefully along the highways and country roads, while admiring the enchanting Podlasie landscape, this time bathed in the bright and warm light of a full June moon. Only in Poland!!! We arrived home late at night.

Our most sincere thanks to all Family members for their interest, warm welcome and providing us with information which will allow further development of the Wajszczuk Family Tree - we are also very happy to have had an opportunity to meet all of you in person! Once again - thanks to Basia Miszta for her patient guiding us along our tortuous paths around Podlasie, and for her time taken for this tour. Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kratiuk for their warm reception and "reminiscences". Also, many thanks to Pawel Stefaniuk for taking two days from his vacation time, and finally - very special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Stefaniuk for their recurrent great hospitality!

See you all next year?

Barbara Miszta, Pawel Stefaniuk and Waldemar Wajszczuk